Our District - Message from the Superintendent of Schools

  • The Mill Creek Public School District is currently educating 163 students, grades Pre-K through 12th.  We have a long history in education beginning with a three-room shack built in 1900 that was for children through 8th grade.  A new two-story facility was built in 1904 and the first time high school was offered for Mill Creek students was 1912, with the first graduation class being 1916. 

    The school is our community.  There has always been a great deal of pride in being a bullfrog!  We provide a quality education to all students and work hard to offer activities and challenges often not found in small schools.

    We believe that a small teacher to student ratio offers the best opportunity for student growth and learning; therefore, our staff goes above and beyond to make sure that every student learns to his or her full potential.

    Because Mill Creek School realizes the importance of healthy meals, we offer free breakfast and lunch to every student.

    We are very proud of our academic opportunities, our facilities and our students.  We are constantly striving to improve.  We recently received a $25,000 playground grant and a $250,000 library grant which have brought huge improvements to our school.  We will continue to look for grants and services to better our system.  We encourage the support of parents and will work hard to maintain a good working relationship with each and every one.  Please stop by and see us anytime.