Old gymnasium

Photo taken about 1951 of the old gymnasium

  • How many of you remember this grand ole building?

    This photo was taken about 1951.  When you opened the front door to enter, you stepped right on the edge of the gym floor where there was a small table and you paid to get in.  On the far side is a rock building that served as the visitors dressing room.  In later years a small block building was built to extend out from the front door.  It had restrooms a small lobby and water fountain.

    On the interior of the gym at the NE and NW corners were two huge pot bellied coal burning stoves.  Theywer the only heat sources.

    Basketball games, school dances, donkey basketball games,our Halloween Carnival (with the tunnel of love), and many other activities were held in the old building. 

    What memories!

    When the Harden Gymnasium was built in the early 60's the old gym was retired and torn down.